Automated Taxonomy Discovery

Here at CISRI we are excited to be engaged in a research project on automated concept and taxonomy discovery. This research is related to an IRAP grant which Cogniva Information Solutions received. The goal of the project is to simplify the creation of metadata taxonomies and the relations between the concepts using text analytics approaches. We are using a variety of open source tools and research methodologies. We will be posting updates and technical details as the research progresses, so stay tuned!

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About Craig Eby

Craig Eby is the Chief Technology Officer for Cogniva Information Solutions. He was the lead researcher and developer for Cogniva’s flagship software solution, ISIS (Integrated Semantic Information Service). Craig applies his research background from Cognitive Science to the problems surrounding the creation of Semantic Technologies which augment the abilities of individuals as they use information systems. During his time at Cogniva, Craig has helped to build a quality research network, including professors and graduate students from a number of disciplines, culminating in the creation of the Cogniva Information Science Research Institute. He is the Scientific Director of the Semantic Technologies research stream.

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